Very Funny, Weird Trailer Avenger Infinity War

One movie made Marvel Studio entitled Avenger Infinity War has been successful at the box office world. This film reveals an enemy named Thanos super strong no match, even he was able to kill a superhero with just one hit. This movie trailer got a lot of attention on Youtube and became the most anticipated movie of the year.
But did you know? About two months ago there has been released a parody trailer Infinity War movie entitled Infinity War Weird Trailer. This trailer presents a parody of the movie trailer Infinity War and part of the movie trailer.
What makes this funny parody trailer is the face, expression, movement, and sound edited in such a way that it looks so cute that it makes you laugh out loud. This is true, the author himself who just watch it immediately laughing after seeing it.
With the amazing editing capabilities that the parody creator made, the trailer still looks like the original is just added some effect that makes us instantly laugh or at least smile.
The creator of this video is Aldo Jones who probably came from the Italia. The trailer editing is very neat to resemble the movement of the original actor and until this article was written, the number of views has reached 3.5 million. 
The trailer is also available in various languages, such as Turkish, French, Russian, etc. There is also another funny trailer that is also made by Aldo Jones, It’s a Superman v Batman Weird Trailer.
Guaranteed you will instantly laugh when first time watches it. Exceptional video editing skills make this parody video look very good and at the same time make amused anyone who saw it, even though never watch the movie.
There are so many moves that make us laugh out loud, like the Black Phanter dance, the laughing gunshot, the spiderman slamming its twin and the superhero characters being replaced with irregular oblongs, even Thanos’s face is replaced by Mickey Mouse’s face.
The funniest thing about this weird trailer is when Thanos stuck out his tongue and then vibrating it while singing the song. And the screams of vision combined with the music that became pleasant to hear.
If you are curious to see the weird trailer itself here is the link guys:
The trailer includes a unique parody trailer, you know why it’s unique? That’s because if parodies are usually made by replacing the original characters in the movie with others, whether it’s our own, friends, or cosplayer, then imitate the existing editions in the trailer. Events, places, and characters are blended with as interesting and as strange as possible for the audience to laugh.
However, unlike the weird trailer, all the contents are pure editing, it’s just that there are additional characters from other movie trailers that are aligned and combined so that it looks very funny. With unlimited creativity, videos that are just a combination of multiple footages and do not cost a lot can be very exciting and attractive.
You need to know that Avenger Infinity War into a movie with superhero coverage is so many. Just imagine, there are Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Black Panther, Captain America, Vision, Hulk, Black Widow, and others. Everything is presented here with complete with exciting action.
In the film is told that Thanos is looking for some gems that have their own power. One of the strengths of these gems is to manipulate the soul. You can imagine how terrible the power of Supervillain in this Marvel comic. All the superheroes must eventually unite and work together to stop Thanos’s ambition in getting all those gems.
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