UFI Software version For UFi BOX & UFi Dongle Available

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Greeting For Our Beloved UFiXErs around The Globe
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UFI Software version For UFi BOX & UFi Dongle Available
Introducing P2P(BitTorrent) support download
– Built with Aria2, to enable this function you have to allow the firewall to open when you're prompted to do so
– To prevent data corruptions, specially to users with limited internet connection, files bigger than 1GB should be downloaded using BitTorrent.
– Download tasks were cached, so you can resume later (Check "Autosave Unfinished Downloads" in Settings)
Introducing new app module: UFI CHIP Prog
– Used to work with SPI NOR Flash, SPI EEprom and I2C EEprom chip
– Support various type of chip with fast and easy user interface
– Support for Read, Write, Erase, Verify and Blank check as well as Unlock BP function for SPI Flash
– Usefull for BIOS recovery, Router flashing and so on
– Documentation and adapter coming soon
Introducing UFI Box firmware version 1.10:
– To use UFI Software version, upgrade firmware to version 1.10
Support Files changes:

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